About me

If I were to describe myself using only one word, that word would be “restless”. My itchy feet have taken me to 41 countries, but my wanderlust is nowhere near satisfied, and probably won’t be any time soon. This blog is an ode to travel itself, and I hope that reading through my posts will make you feel the excitement, joy and awe I feel, whenever I stand in a new place. Because of this it will rarely contain descriptive guides of cities, but instead try to mediate what can be learned and experienced in different countries, as well as how to do it on a budget.


Matriculation dinner at Cambridge University 

I was born in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden, and have had an excessive amount of wanderlust since my early teens. My parents were never as passionate about traveling as I was, so through my teenage years I did my best to travel by myself – I used ferrys and buses to travel around Europe while I was still too young to be allowed to travel by plane alone. At the same time, I had made a promise to myself that I would move abroad as soon as I turned 18. While the people around me laughed at this idea due to the fact that I would still be in high school at the time of my 18 birthday, I still managed to do it. Five days after my 18th birthday I left Sweden to move to Bavaria. I took six months off from school and spent the time working in a Biergarten in southern Germany. Afterwards, I moved back to Sweden to finish high school (though this time I changed to an online high school which allowed me to travel while studying), and in the fall of 2016 I moved to England to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Cambridge University. Though my life is based in England at the moment, I always have a next trip planned and use virtually all of my allowance to travel. With a low budget (and grades which reflect the amount of time I spend searching for flights rather than studying) I do my best to see as much of the world as I possibly can.


Dressed to the teeth at Oktoberfest in Munich 

The goal of my blog is for it to be interactive – there are so many travelers out there with amazing stories to share, and I am always happy to speak other people who are living with wanderlust. Let’s travel the world together!